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Aberystwyth Removals & Storage Ltd
Aberystwyth Removals and Storage -  These are the services we offer

    * Removals - The Service
    * Estimate - We calculate your requirements
    * Packing - We can pack everything or pack nothing
    * Storage Services - Our store can be your extra room
    * Standard Container Storage - Move your furniture directly into our store
    * Conventional Storage
    * Overseas - Contacts all over the world
    * Commercial - From schools to offices we are the experts
    * B.A.R (British Association of Removers)

 Removals - The service

We at Aberystwyth Removals and Storage offer a complete commercial and household storage service.  Whether you want to move locally, nationally or internationally, we help with every stage and aspect of your removal. At each stage we are on hand to provide advice to assist you to keep on top of what you need to do. Preparation is the key to a successful removal, and we ensure that you have the information and materials you need.

Flexibility is essential and we aim to fit your lifestyle. Is your schedule unusual? Is your budget tight? Ask for options! We do as much or as little as you wish - all we ask is that you let us know what you want, so that we can accommodate you.  With Aberystwyth Removals and Storage you get an individual service.
EstimateAberystwyth Removals and Storage Lorry

Your move is unique.  We calculate your requirements carefully, according to your needs and the information you give us. Tailored to fit your individual circumstances, your estimate will include all your specifications and costs. If you need to change your specifications - maybe you’ll need storage, or you change your mind about packing - let us know and we can change to accommodate you.

The packing service is flexible to suit your needs and budget - Aberystwyth Removals and Storage can pack everything, nothing, or anything in between. We can provide packing materials if you undertake your own packing, and leaflets to help you.
Storage services

Whether you are between houses or just want extra space, our store can be your extra room. Flexibility is the watchword and our storage is extremely versatile with a range of available options to mix and match to provide you with the most suitable service. Standard container storage provides a clean, secure option for keeping your goods safely until you want them. Conventional storage is for items unsuitable for containers, and self storage is available if you want frequent or regular access, or to undertake your own handling, or if you are a student and want to share a storage space. All Aberystwyth Removals and Storage's buildings are secure, dry and ventilated, with excellent access for vehicles. The storage units are inside our locked warehouse. Your space is entirely private.
Standard container storageAberystwyth Removals and Storage Container

This is a complete service, involving stowage of the goods in the units by our staff. We can receive your goods if you wish to deliver them to us, or we can collect them ourselves as our removal to store service. Subject to circumstances, our storage containers are loaded onto our specialist lorry, your goods are loaded into the containers at your premises, and then the containers stored in our warehouse. Aberystwyth Removals and Storage inventory the items as we load so that you have a record of what we are storing for you. If your access is awkward, or you have a large quantity of possessions, we may containerise at the warehouse.
Conventional storage

Should some items be too large or unsuitable for the containers, Aberystwyth Removals offer conventional storage. Three piece suites are generally covered and labelled and stored free-standing to avoid compression marks.
Self storeAberystwyth Removals and Self Storage Warehouse

Aberystwyth Removals and Storage also have a Self Store or "do-it-yourself" facility, where we provide units for you to fill yourself. These units are the same as the containers we use, but they are fixed in the warehouse. You arrange your own labour and transport. Each self-store unit has a door that must be secured with a padlock. As a security feature, we do not keep unit keys. We provide sack trucks for use in the self-store, and sell packing materials for packing at home, should you require them.

We offer the same conventional service option for your three pieces suites or extra large items as we provide for standard storage customers.
Packing serviceAberystwyth Removals and Storage Kit

Packing does two things. It protects fragile and delicate items and it gathers several articles together to make one object to carry. Good packing is an absolute necessity if removal staff are to do their job safely and efficiently. We offer a full packing service, including full overseas wrap. If you prefer to do your own packing, Aberystwyth Removals and Storage have a range of packing materials on offer.  Our staff are on hand with invaluable tips and advice or ask for our leaflet. Flat-pack cartons are easy to collect, or we can deliver them to you. In addition to cartons, we can provide paper, tape and bubble wrap, and the "MoverKit" packs include a tape dispenser and marker pen.

Aberystwyth Removals and Storage undertake removals overseas, whether you want to send a full household or a couple of boxes. As with our domestic and commercial services, we can offer a full range of packing options.

Whether a household removal for a company employee, or the relocation of a complete secondary school, we handle commercial moves with the same attention to detail and careful efficiency as a private contract. Packing services and materials are available, as is our comprehensive advice at all stages.
B.A.R.BAR member - Aberystwyth Removals and Storage

Last, but by no means least, Aberystwyth Removals and Storage belong to the British Association of Removers, an organisation which improves standards in removals. You know that you can expect a high-quality, professional service from us, at a reasonable price.

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