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Britannia - Devon

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ADDRESS: Britannia Lanes of Devon
Hennock Road
Marsh Barton
TELEPHONE: 01392 494966
STORAGE: Self Storage
Britannia - Devon
Britannia Lane's have four modern, secure storage facilities throughout the South west. The warehouses are specially designed for containerised storage to minimise handling and to keep your goods clean, dry and secure.short or long term storage can be provided by us.

At point of collection a detailed inventory describing content and condition of your consignment will be produced and a copy left with you. The majority of items in your home will fit in our standard units; however, oversized items such as ladders, carpets and large sofas may be stored separately.

On arrival at our warehouse a store manager will unload the containers and return them to their allocated row and update our records to allow tracking of the containers.

We have the most up to date intruder and fire alarms system fitted to all our warehouses and CCTV cameras to ensure that your effects are safe and secure whilst in our care. At the Somerset facility we offer fire safe steel containers with heat sensitive seals which prevent the spread of fire from one container to another. This type of storage is ideal not only for furniture and effects, but for valuable artwork items of antiquity and museum pieces.

For consignments moving in or out of the county or country the effects may travel in a conventional vehicle and not in containers. This can give the benefit of using less vehicles and/or being able to make use of our one way tariff.

For those looking to gain regular access to their effects, we also offer self storage facilities. Click the link for more details.