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ADDRESS: Unit 5 Powergate, Chase Road Park Royal
TELEPHONE: 44 208 965 4560
An expert from GIL STAUFFER studies and measures the articles which are to be protectively wrapped during their time in storage. Later a list of all the object to be stored is drawn up. Following the wrapping, they and placing into containers made from wood specially treated against bacteria and insects and they are hermetically sealed in the client’s presence.

Once taken to the warehouse, the containers are placed in storage using non-contaminating lifting vehicles and machinery. There the containers will remain untouched until returned to the client. When this happens the inverse process is carried out and the container is taken to the client’s home and opened, and the objects unwrapped in their presence.

In this way the minimum of handling is assured and consequently the danger of damage diminished.

GIL STAUFFER sites are equipped with warehousing specially designed for the protection and storage of all types of furniture and objects, magnetic data storage, hardcopy files, vehicles, machinery and merchandise in general.

The sites are surrounded by special fencing, patrolled 24 hours a day by security guards, protected by anti-fire systems, and constantly subject to a stringent regime of hygiene which minimizes the possible risks of contamination.
Furthermore GIL STAUFFER relies on personnel specialized in the organization, procedures and control of warehousing so that precise information with regard to their stock in storage is available at any moment to any client.