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Hippo Trucks - Removals & Storage

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ADDRESS: Unit 116, The Light Bulb, 1 Filament Walk, Wandsworth, London
TELEPHONE: 0330 027 2490
CONTACT NAME: Jameela Malik
Hippo Trucks - Removals & Storage
At Hippo Trucks we provide you with a free quote in moments, with everything you need to make the right decision for you.

As a modern moving company, we allow you to schedule your move online quickly and efficiently, so you can tick that all important job off your ever expanding list.

We understand the house moving business. We have 10 years in the industry and have built a team of movers who know exactly how our customers like to be treated.

As well as taking the best care of your possessions; our moving teams take pride in doing their job well. They are also friendly and a fun bunch! The aim is for you to feel relaxed and for them to look after you!

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