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Mega Storage

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ADDRESS: 1 Middle Way
Dales Manor Business Park
Grove Road
TELEPHONE: 01223 833 777
STORAGE: Self Storage
Mega Storage
MegaStorage is a family run business that prides itself on offering great value for money, excellent customer service and complete peace of mind when storing your goods with us. We also sell boxes, bubble wrap and packaging materials.

 Domestic Storage - Is ideal for:

When having building work carried out or before putting your house on the market

Bridging the gap between one home and another

When you're ‘downsizing’ from a larger home

Storing furniture and possessions if going abroad or when renovating your home

Storing seasonal items such as clothes and sports equipment

Storing bulky leisure items like skis or windsurfers, bicycles or canoes

Storing anything legal so long as it is not perishable, live or inflammable

Business, Archive & Commercial Storage - can provide:

An archiving facility - release office space by storing documents and files that can be retrieved when needed

Storage for seasonal or excess stock - freeing up expensive retail space

Storing office equipment during a move or building work

Distribution facility for stock or spares

Storing sales samples for Reps

Tools or equipment storage