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Kidds Removals

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ADDRESS: International House
Image Kidd Park
Cliff Road
TELEPHONE: 0800 252220
Kidds Removals
80 Years caring for cherished possessions.

Operated by the third generation of the Kidd family.

We are a training centre for the removal industry, a fact we are proud of, We train others in the art of moving cherished possessions.

Not only do Kidds move cherished personal possessions, we can also move your business. Why not find out more details on how we can help you with your move.

Kidds were one of the first companies to transport cherished possessions by road to Europe for many happy and satisfied clients. Whether your move be from Europe to the UK or UK to Europe ring Kidds, we have the years of experience to handle all your needs.

Our fully trained staff will export pack and wrap your cherished possessions, ensuring that moving overseas will be no more difficult than moving to the next street.

Full container loads. Loaded directly into the sea container out side your home. With delivery to your new home overseas, with out your possesions leaving the container en route. Shared container loads, (known as grroupage) You pay for the space that you use. Making your move as economical as possible.

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